Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Rambling Randomness

After a weekend that saw the start of Summer, a Super Moon, Noche de San Juan and a slew of celebrations, farewells and music, I think we just might be back to what passes for normal around here. Though I did see some spontaneous dancing in the street last evening. Wait, that's normal.

Wandering around some mangroves yesterday, feeling like I should have on a palm platted skirt to match the primeval ambiance (because as most know, I'm all about fashion, even if it is prehistoric), I came across an egg. It was perfect. Sort of.

The big mangrove clinging mass is a termite ball

It's hard to judge the size of this egg here; it's about 6 inches by 3. The size of a small dinosaur egg would be my guess. I picked it up because it called to be seen close up. Then I realized why it was on the ground, abandoned. Abandoned a long time ago. Just thinking about it makes me want to wash my hands. Again. With bleach. Still very cool though.

Land crab portals, the top one very freshly made

And that was about enough of that. Bring on other tropical beauties of of travel writer lore.

This hanging from above bloom had to almost bop me on the head, but brilliantly got my attention.
It's a one sided love affair. 
I'm sure there are upcoming events I could mention, but right now, the world outside this jungle I temporarily inhabit is far away. And so is that very ripe egg.

Have a textured Tuesday. Do something tidal.


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    1. I have no idea...have to ask our resident biologist. At a guess, I'd go for some type of heron...