Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shiny to the Left of Me, Sahara'd to the Right

A late afternoon visit to Melones for sunset lasted about 15 minutes before gnats decided I was on the happy hour nosh menu. It was good while it lasted though...

A table, a bench, a cocktail, a view - filtered through Sahara dust

Closer and clearer

Down the way, a convivial meeting of gulls. Lately, lots of gulls, lots of terns. Pelicans, not so much.

These two obviously had something more private to talk about, a rock away

And then there were three
After a lovely drenching rain last night (I think it rained more in town than at home, not quite two miles away), the sun is out for now, lighting up the backs of blooms over my head, where the overhangings of purples and yellows create a natural stained glass like bower, pleasing the birds, pleasing me.

Just so you can adjust your plans accordingly, as in gathering your fashionable rain gear for whatever outdoor events you might be planning, we've got some squally weather ahead.

Have a welcome the weather Wednesday. Do something waggish.


  1. I wonder if our haze is Sahara dust too. I wonder if that weather's coming this way...
    nimmsnat force

  2. Most likely, Mark. If you check out this site (from you can see the Sahara dust map...