Saturday, June 8, 2013

Low, Slow and Not in the Know

It feels like a Saturday, always a good sign when it IS Saturday. Friday eventually slipped away like a thief with the night. A good night, mind you, looked forward to friends on island, music at Dinghy Dock, Celestial Chuck pointing out Venus bright and more in the dusky sky...oh what a crazy wild life we lead. I'm guessing that as a population, our heartbeat is sub-par 87% of the time.

Before I headed to town, before I fed the chickens, I was on yard walkabout.

I like seeing iguanas again now that they aren't eating everything in sight.

The aloes are making a comeback, bright and green and plump instead of sickly white-ish.

Another chicken milestone - six chickens, seven eggs! I applauded them with great thanks.
I was sure I had a photo of two Doug's and a Mariel playing their wonderful music, in fact, I know I did, but somehow, it disappeared. So you'll just have to mentally insert some really good music with funny Doug patter in between.

Many boats have left, heading south for more serene climes, but the harbour can still be a busy place.

Right now, for the first time in awhile, we're in a lull. It won't last but we all liked having at least one night 'family style' with the usual suspects.

There is such tenderness here, whether or not it was a tender moment, I'll never know.

Celestial Chuck brought the iridium flare to our attention. Walt pointed out the first sighting. Walt was also wearing a hat belonging to someone else, which I only mention in case you didn't notice.
 I'm not sure what time it was when home was reached but according to my neighbors, it was obviously time to be sleeping. I very shortly thereafter took their advice.

Sorry! didn't mean to disturb you!
Have a slumber sated Saturday. Do something softly.

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