Saturday, June 29, 2013

Look Out the Sun's Gonna Hit You in the Eye (Cowboy lyrics)

After what seems like weeks of grey sky pouring massive amounts of rain out of itself, the sun came out yesterday in full force. It was, only a smidgen off literally, painful to adjust my eyes to it. We're so used to brilliant sun that the lack of it sends us into a weird zone. Mud sucking sounds become familiar. Mold spores explode. Mosquitoes, long denied puddles and pools, have larvae orgies and emerge to suck all of our blood, Vampires of the Caribbean.

One day = hooray! Two days = Oh, we can make soup! And great! the cisterns are full and the ground is quenched. Three days = I think I'll just stay in bed. Four days = I think I'll just stay in bed. Forever.

And then o glory! The sun returns and we sing! Out came the sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy bitsy people come out to play again. 

Thankful for the rain. Thankful for the sun. Not thankful for the mosquitoes. And how does an enlightened person, the most publicly enlightened person of our age, deal with these mini demons from hell?

My flicks might be a bit more...aggressive, shall we say, while I'm being thankful for so much we have here. Maybe the karma will balance out. Maybe I won't go to mosquito hell. One can hope.

Have a sensational, soothing Saturday. Do something smacking.


  1. Wow, you make the rain event in Culebra sound like a Perti Dish....but sure is PERTY!

    1. If you were here, you'd get it better - it IS a petri dish! Most of us don't have a/c so mold grows fast everywhere...