Monday, June 10, 2013

Feel the Power! Or Not.

The eventual new generator for times like these
From sometime in the middle of the night, or more accurately, the middle of the early morning, Sunday, the power wreaked havoc with the day, fluctuating on and off, low and lower, along with the water pressure. I haven't checked the water yet but at least I had water, unlike some other unluckies who were using it in their work. Sorry, Virginia, but people do work here on Sundays sometimes. Or all the time. And power and water make those worlds go. Not 'round, particularly, we're not asking for miracles. This isn't a whine of 'The power went offffffffff.' This is the fairly irritated 'This is ruining my electronics, slowing down or closing down my day, this on/off off/on 15 times in a day crap. Fix it!'

Ok, I feel better now. Because at one point in my day the alternative to getting something done requiring power and water was to tear my hair out or sightsee locally, very locally, I did the latter. Except for the occasional verbal venting, it really is a waste of energy (pun sort of intended) to get very upset about things like power and water and what! there's no MILK? here in Paradox. If we wanted full mod/cons as our over the pond brothers and sisters say, we'd we wouldn't.

I've been spending some dock time lately. What was attracting the gulls? I don't know, but they put on quite a show.

What was attracting me? Lobsters. Crawling all over, even my neighbor had them around her dock. Maybe the constant winds of last week blew them in. Maybe I'll help them out.

Farther afield in the neighborhood, under not quite blue, not quite grey, not quite bright, not quite dark skies...

The on and off rains bring more color to our world.

Look, don't touch.

On the flat, spineless paddle of this cactus, a bloom.

If this were stretched out - it wouldn't be as mysteriously wonderful.

There is never enough purple in the world. 
Thus passed another Sunday. Feel the power.

Have a maintain the mean Monday. Do something metaphysical.

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