Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Mishmash and a Birthday Too

I'm so glad you are in my world, daugher woman girl. Life is good, precious and good. Don't we know it? Happy birthday!
There are those who can dance and those who try and those who can't. The true dancers, both of the latter types know, inhabit the world differently than mere clumsy footed mortals. Or at least, that's how it appears to me, when the longing to break into a brilliant tango or merengue hits hard, out at night with a clear space for dancing, in a grocery store, walking down the street struck by some sight that lifts my soul, knowing instead I'd only come out with my usual happy prancing and twirling. Joy filled though my dancing is, co-ordinated, recognizable, gasp making flight it is not.

Just a thought, easy to have in a land where there can be awed sheer pleasure watching a couple in their eighties become youth personified when they take to the floor, her skirts swirling, his back somehow ramrod straight yet fluid as he leads her through steps with flashing feet seeming to barely brush the floor...I had a dream last night.

Back in the real world of every day, here is some catch-all. 

Oftentimes, when we have so much Sahara dust as now, the sunsets are brilliant. This evening, it was much more a 'lost in a mystery' event

A ragged edged newish moon lit and led the way to night
 The other day we hit the beach with expectations of its usual empty early morning welcome. Instead, there was a last day of camp or school event, with children running about (two boys exuberantly determined to knock down some tamarinds from the tree directly over our heads...with fist sized pieces of coral). By barely spoken mutual consent we exited stage left, leaving them to their joyful devices.

It would have been too much to ask to borrow this dinghy and take off for Luis Pena, but I was tempted.

Sahara dust filled the air
 Another Super Moon is coming up. If the skies are clear it will be a beautiful sight.

And lastly, before heading into the Super Moon night, it's time to get yourselves together, those of you on island, and clear out some clutter; maybe make a few bucks and absolutely have some fun. Alicia (of Blue at The Spot) is the person putting this together, but without you and your stuff, there won't be much of an event, so dive into those closets and cupboards and c'mon down to the plaza in front of the Catholic church next Saturday! Ready, set, go!

Catholic Church
Saturday, June 22 @ 10 AM
*Bring your own table, chair and cash for change*
*Everyone is responsible for their own table*

Have a serving of sellabration Saturday! Do something swooping.

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