Thursday, June 18, 2015

Culebra Vet Clinic and Crew

We're so fortunate to have Dr. Cruz and his crew come over to take care of our animal needs. Taking time out from their practices on the big island, bringing the mobile clinic over on the ferry and working from early morning to late afternoon in back to back marathon days they offer all the services possible for the cats and dogs of Culebra. More thanks to the volunteers who gather up strays to have them spayed and neutered to prevent more unwanted and uncared for animals on our island. It is a big job, done by people with big hearts. 

These were taken after the crowd had dwindled, later in the afternoon. Today they have another full roster. Thank you all!

There isn't a size or shape of dog who doesn't show up at the clinics with their loving owners. 

Dr. Cruz actually built his tiny mobile clinic himself, it's got an equipped surgery inside.

There are plenty of cats, but they are in their cages.

The next clinic will be sometime in July. If you need to have your pet caught up on vaccines, neutered or spayed or checked for any variety of problems that might be going on while you are unaware, keep an eye on your emails and/or social media or get in touch with Teresa or Friends of Culebra Animals (formerly Animal Welfare of Culebra) and make an appointment. 

If you want to help defray expenses for a lot of work that gets done behind the scenes without pay (but that still needs to be paid for), Friends of Culebra Animals can always use your donations! For information you can email

Have a take care of the critters Thursday. Do something tremendous.


  1. Thats great, I am very happy to see that the dogs and cats are being cared for!

    1. There are some incredible people here involved with caring for the animals, both owned and strays. It's a never ending job and I'm humbled by their dedication over and over again.

  2. Thank you for being our archivist and our finest cheerleader, MJ! It means the world to us. Abrazos, animal loving friend!!

    1. Hey, I've never had a critter say 'No! Don't take my picture, I look awful today!' It makes it easy to have fun and get to help out at the same time. Win-win! Thanks for letting me play with all you much more hard working folks.