Saturday, June 13, 2015

Love Me Three Times

As wonderful as it is to have a vehicle to drive hither and yon, walking is, for me, the way to see what is to be seen. Even then, I'm sure I miss a lot. That's okay, it just means more for show and tell another time.

There is a mango tree down around the corner that I've posted photos of over the years in all its many stages, but yesterday I saw the cycle all anew.

First, a human eats the mango and tosses the seed on the ground (or the road in this case - and frankly, this is the only sort of littering that has never bothered me). Then the chickens come and peck whatever bits they can get. The rest feeds the bees, who were working it with such concentration they didn't budge a wing as I leaned in for a close-up. 

Don't spray poison on your grasses, greenery and gardens; there's a tiny party going on!

Have a seasonal Saturday. Do something silently.

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