Wednesday, June 3, 2015

High and Low

Our weather has been flukey lately, cloudy with little to no rain, sunny with awesome clouds in blue skies. I personally think if it is grey and cloudy, it should rain, but since I'm not in charge of the weather (despite my occasional belief that I am) I can just be glad that last night's full moon rise chose not to be cloudy, rain or otherwise. Nice. Thanks, weather gods.

Sort of mammatus clouds

A horse behind me was calling to him. He answered but pivoted,
taking off the other way.
Reading and dozing turned into more dozing than reading. But my internal moonrise alert alarm went off (even though I was sure I'd missed it), just in time.

First the glow, then the real deal

Lots of bad photos in between all of these, she was rising fast. Very fast.

But right before she cleared the hill, I was almost sorta ready.
Another day in Paradox.

Have a wandering Wednesday. Do something winged.

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