Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Verbal and Visual Tchotchkes

If you don't know what a tchotchke (chach ka) is, this is a definition I like -  If you are having trouble identifying Tchotchke just look around your house or someone else's and whatever you see that a burgler wouldn't steal is probably [a] tchotchke. 

First up is a 'mark your calendar' notice about one of the fun events of the year, the Father's Day dinner, held to raise money for the Asociacion Educativa de Culebra. A lot of good for the community comes from this organization, especially in addressing a wide variety of needs for the children and families here.

Plus, the food is amazing. The fathers of Culebra know how to cook!

The first two are photos from another hill, over a couple of days. We've been under Saharan dust and cloud cover on and off, mostly on, with a lot of strong sun in between. In other words, hot and muggy weather season has begun. Nicely, the water is still cool and refreshing (and that's a good thing at this time of year).

Good morning, Culebra!

I'm so lucky to have a good watch cat. These days she does more watching than pursuit type activities; I think both of us could use a treadmill.

An old friend sent me an article from Outdoor Overload about a man who used 3 containers to build a home. Even with three containers it is still only 355 square feet. It looks a lot bigger than that to me. I wish there were more photos, but I'm not spending $58,000 so I can post them here for you all. Sorry.

Thanks, Bill!

This is designed to be un and reassembled, as well as all closed up. 

Living room in one container, kitchen / dining in another
The builder says there is no dedicated toilet because of the moving factor,
as well as the off grid factor. Compost toilet anyone?
It looks to me like the bed and bathroom would occupy the last container

but there aren't any 'bedroom' photos. I'm guessing the bathroom is not at all finished. At least I hope not. There is just something about walls and bathrooms that go together.

Have a work it out Wednesday. Do something waggish.