Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday in Our Park

Sunny, cloudy, repeat. When the flamboyants in full bloom all over the island, the flowers are so bright they almost seem surreal. They  look even more brilliant with cloudy skies, their vivid brightness lighting up the island, along with a few other day brighteners. Can you say run-on sentence?

All of these trees are within sight of the porch, a panorama of ahhhhhh.

There are some 'how I spent my Friday sunset' bits as well. Hold down the excitement!

Lit up

Even the branches are flamboyant

How did you get in here?

Another color

My 'when I see it it's my favorite' color

Very cool looking plane
Just because

Bird's eye view


Sargassum row

Maybe this should be hung on the other side? But I like it!

Tree decor
Piling decor

I don't know who does the decorations in unexpected places around the island and it seems a good thing. Just knowing that some good fairies are out and about doing Culebra things makes for smiles, over and over again.

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