Saturday, June 27, 2015

Looking Around ~ Culebra

The fastest object we used to see in the bay was kite boarders, fast and quiet!, and yesterday, there was one to see. I don't know if having John L. back is the reason, my lens isn't that good. But it was fun to see whoever it was fly up and down Ensenada Honda, with boat escorts at times; I'm sure making good wake jumps.

At the library, I was inside doing some computer work, listening to the boisterous pounding feet, laughter and yells of children, the last day of two weeks of activity winding up to wind down. Lisa had warned me I might want to be inside and when I got outside, I could see why. It sounded like a very good time was had by all. Thanks to the people who put this together, giving the kids some summer fun. 

Computers and water don't mix, but kids and water? Oh yes!

The tomatoes they planted are in with some other garden goodies behind the library. 

Heading home, a boat I see every day (but keep forgetting to stop in time to take a photo) was so perfect in the water, with its flags flying, I had to turn around and come back. I did it with an up the hill turn, the one where you can see the whole bay and over to Vieques. There are so many excellent views on Culebra! But I was on a yola mission and just enjoyed it with my eyes.

The other day I was reading an article about a town in India, with brightly colored buildings - how much they stood out, in a cheery way. How glad I am for our bright colored homes and other buildings, that they are the norm. 

I was thinking about that when I saw the new paint job on the Tourism and little shops building. Grey? Deep red? What is it, a bank? Bring back the bright!!!!

Photo credit: Vincent Leroux
Photo credit: Vincent Leroux
On a more natural note...

There is a reason I take and retake, post and repost some of the things you find here. The reason is because things change. As much as trash and illegal clearing bother me, the 'this is our island living room, it may be a little messy but we're home here' feeling of seeing boats, chairs gathered by the water, little vignettes of local living like this has always been one of the things I love about Culebra. When it is kept tidy, without destroying precious protected (and protective!) resources, there is a comfort there that touches me and makes me want to be a welcome guest, where I can pull up a chair and check out the fridge. 

I hope we always have that. I hope the lands and waters that aren't cared for with respect will come to be respected. You may say I'm a dreamer~~

The moon was up. The sky was filled with wavy, swirly moving into dots clouds. Day was done. 

I was cleaning the bathroom shower stall yesterday, the one with the windows that, when the wind blows the wrong way, brings in dust. My bare feet were making Sahara dust muddy outlines. In the shower I use every day. Sometimes I wonder why I bother; here it comes again!

Have a sensitizing Saturday. Do something seasonal.


  1. When I travel around the island with you, I always feel as if I have grabbed a chair and started looking through the fridge. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Miss Pollyanna! Looking forward to photos from your road trip, we travel together.