Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday and Other (fair warning: birthday beaches etc. photo heavy)

I had a project in mind for yesterday afternoon to go around and take as many photos of containers used as homes here as I could find, but then the rain came. And then I lost my momentum, so here's a teaser start. 

There have been people using these as homes for a long time around here, either stand alone or part of a build. This is one I've posted before but it's just gotten a nice paint job and is looking pretty spiffy. I'd love to see the inside, but it's a weekend/party home and when someone is there there is usually way too much activity for me to just go introduce myself and ask for a look see. One of these days!

There is a locked fence so this was the best I could do without trespassing.

The deep porch makes it great for outdoor living. 
It's not hard to imagine that the container came first and maybe then the porch, with the back part put on last. There is a path in there somewhere leading to a good dock, from the other side you can't see the house at all so it's set back pretty far. A build like this would be illegal now, most likely. Supposedly. According to law anyway...

The 'other stuff' are some photos I took yesterday at three of our beaches and from Dinghy Dock. Sun and badly needed rain that came in a dramatic fashion complete with lightning and thunder, it was an altogether gorgeous day!

This was the first thing that caught my eye on the way to the beach. Fun coolness!
 I love Melones, both sides but especially the beach to the side. It was full of dead sargassum so walking was mainly in the water and not very far with a high tide.  

I was just about to leave when pelicans having breakfast caught my eye. After a few shots, I just sat at the table, a front row seat to a pretty funny show. I never knew gulls were such t'eefs!

At first I thought the gull was just hitching a ride.

But he was actively trying to get the fish the pelican caught.

Hop skip and a jump

This gull was so brazen! Incredible!

Peli wins!

The dynamics of a pelican...how do they do it??

Two pelicans. So awkward and so agile and precise at the same time. 

A picture of hope.
Ok, that was way too many pelican photos, I know. I'm addicted; I could have stayed there mesmerized all day, but breakfast was over. and they were gone It was time for me to move along to the next beach. You're welcome.

Every time I see this I'm reminded of the first time;
there is never not an echo of that 'ooooh!' factor.

Median decor
 And yet another beautiful beach!

Magic mirror wavelet

Flasher Gull
Beach number three (after a gull flashes you, it's time to head onward). It was early and there weren't very people around. Down at the Shark Pens there was NO one around. The water was flat, the water was a perfect temperature. Birthday sea bath indeed. 

The tank from the other side

I wonder if the rain will green up this hillside

For those who don't know this spot, the water, all the way out to the pilings,
is probably only four feet deep with a clear sandy bottom. Perfect for lolling.

Every time the sun and clouds moved, the colors would change. 

I was ready to go and just in time, as a couple were heading my way and I knew they would be just as delighted as I was to have it all to themselves.

On the way home, because there was no traffic, I could finally take a photo of what is the first sight for every person who lands at our little airport (unless the wind is funky and you come in up the bay, but this is the usual view). Not a bad welcome to Culebra, if you didn't mind the rather interesting descent over the beach, through the hills and down with a twist.

The original plan was to check out the Krusty Krab for lunch, but when we saw the storm coming in, we quickly agreed that a dockside seat at Dinghy Dock would be well worth the delayed gratification of a meal in a new spot. We don't get wild rain storms very often and this one promised to be spectacular. It was! 

What a fantastic storm! Much welcome sheets of rain fell.

Thanks, Universe, for a spectacular day, for family and friends, for life and for Culebra, not necessarily in that order.

Have a terrific in tiny Tuesday. Do something textured. 


  1. I love the pelican shots. Watching must be more delightful than even looking at the photos was. You had a delightful birth day and I got to spend just a little bit of time there, too :)

    1. It was all of that. Glad you enjoyed a little Culebra time with me!

  2. Wowy-Gazowy: Loved your stuff once again, especially the PeliGul. What great fun to see, Enjoy, Bill