Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, Michelle!!

First of all (and she was) let me apologize, Michelle.

I can only make up for it by saying, my birthday falls on a Monday as well. We're even. And speaking about me - because, really, I did all the work in this situation - I am going to celebrate like it is a Saturday night in the big city. Of course, being as most of my Saturday nights lately are tame as a baby gopher tortoise in captivity for its own good (see gopher tortoise info here), along with being a refugee from big cities, you might not want to follow my example. In fact, I am sure you won't. 

Warning to all in the vicinity of Michelle today
I'm still baffled, as I am now every year at every one of my children's birthdays, how we ever got this far up the road; it's a miracle! A very good miracle. Even though it's getting embarrassing to say how old you are *cough*. Even when no one says to me anymore, you have a child that age! Impossible! No one blinks an eye anymore (remember, this is all about me). Note to daughters: the crazy good gene pool peters out around 56. Enjoy it now!

Happy beautiful-hooray-you are in this world-birthday-I'm so glad to you, Michelle!


Your Mamacita 


  1. What a beautiful young lady, I can tell by the smile, that she is inside and outside beautiful. Also, what a cool custom made handlebar/basket!!

    1. Good eye on the smile teller! Yes, those are the rentable park bikes, all do-able on a smart phone! Oh the big city ways...