Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday and the Moon

This evening at sunset the full moon will rise and be in the sky until dawn, or so say those who are more versed in this than I. Whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere calling it the Rose Moon, Flower Moon or Strawberry Moon or down under knowing it as the Wolf Moon, Old Moon or Ice Moon, it will rise over tiny or large, rolling on the water or the road homes of the Earth for free entertainment and visual awe. Unless it's cloudy. Oops.

June full moon 2012
There is a guy named Bob who has lived in a variety of van and truck rigs for the last 12 years. A very social man, he gets road ramblers together once or twice a year in big gatherings that maybe one day I will get to participate in, just to see them and hear stories (I don't have many to tell yet, but they will come along). 

His blog, Cheap RV Living, showcases his observations, philosophies and plenty of visuals. Last week he took a lot of photos from Moab, just in a parking lot at the local grocery store he frequents there. This is for all the gypsy hearts I know who want to try out this life but say they can't afford to or the timing isn't right (I get that).

All vehicle photos credit: Bob - you can read the stories and see more photos here.

Go anywhere. Anytime.

This one might clear some traffic for the driver

I personally would hate the carrier but practical is practical

Just a little peace
There are so many, many ways to live large while living small, land and sea. That just keeps me smiling. 

But for those of you who think, live small? Why? I love my stuff! I love my space! here is a different point of view from the blog Slow Love Life written by Dominique Browning. 

Once upon a time when I thought my life was going to be  living in an old homestead on a large piece of land, with a lot of treasures (I never lived in a house with an attic, but at one time I had a lot of treasures taking up lots of space and enjoyed every bit of it - can you say 30+ boxes of books but they were all on shelves? Lots of shelves - and collections, many collections...), so I get her point of view. It's all good, if your stuff doesn't own you rather than you owning your stuff. Can you get into your garage or attic? Do you have storage units of stuff you haven't seen in years? That kind of owning you.

While I think her take is a little harsh, because nothing is for everyone, it is a good reminder that we all make home in different ways. And that's how I feel about that.

Look up tonight, from whatever your space is on the planet. We all eye own the moon. That's a lot of space.

Have a torrid Tuesday. Do something trackless.


  1. Oh, I have a gypsy heart and have lived the gypsy life, and long to do it again and will. But, right now the settled life, with occasional extended jaunts, is keeping the gypsy heart at bay. By the way, we will be in Moab UT in September, on our Southwest ramble.

    1. I think that settled life has a lot going for it, with occasional flings. One isn't better than the other, contentment is what is best, whatever style of life is lived. I'll expect to hear about and have photos from Moab!