Sunday, February 22, 2009

A home Sunday

Feeling a little buggy today, I stayed home. Not good to start talking to customers and burst into tears at the sight of a grinning, laughing, happy young woman in her 20's. So! I cooked (see earlier post). read and played in the gardens a LOT! I will tell you now, playing in the dirt beats smoking and/or drugs. Not that the thought of both weren't a temptation...but then I'd be digging around, or staking up some tomato laden vine and those urges would go away (the drug urge being gone over 30 years, but the memory lingers sometimes).

The CWIM was hesitate to say affectionate, but attentive might work. A dog would have been all over it and that would be, for me, incredibly annoying, so her offering a strong head butt on and off over the day was just about perfect.

Here are some first harvest tomatoes and peppers. I'm so excited about them and it seems others are as well. I'm hearing all sorts of stories about people growing vegetables. Diane, who started her lovely nursery a few months ago, keeps expanding her herb and veg section. I bought chives from her yesterday, along with fertilizer and bloom food...and a bag of special mango and avocado feed. I figure the trees will either drop dead in shock after 6 years of struggling along, or go crazy with life. I'm hoping for the...yeah, big surprise, never mind.

It's been windy and beautiful all day long, so except for a stretch of reading mid-day, I've been hopping in and out making a wreck inside and outside while making the garden bigger and happier...and it's been good.

I've been getting one wonderful newsletter for so many years, I forgot until today - inundating some friends and family with gardening type mail (I have to keep up a little bit with my brother, who seems to find the best of the best about everything I think is cool) - that maybe it would be great to share. Anything you want to know about hot peppers and tomatoes, this is your guy! So here it is. Pepper Joe is awesome! By the time you are done perusing one of his newsletter, you feel you have a new friend out there, glad to give of his time and knowledge to propagate more gardeners doing things right. How good is that?

Life is good, despite the reality of hateful things that go on in the world every day. Rather than crawl under the covers shuddering, take the stand of a one on one revolutionary. It's not ALL we can do, it's what we can do, and that is huge...if you think about it. Our job is to keep the balance tipped to the side of joy and peace and love and JUSTICE, corny as that may sound. And if one must hop up and down on the scales once in awhile to even out the madness...then that is what one must do.

Hopping a lot today.

In the last 24 hours (and a lot of my life) I've been heavily pondering justice, and today, looking at images depicting justice. Almost, but not always, a woman holds the scales of justice. There is a lot of historical information about this, mythology, religion, folk lore all combine to tell a common story. But I keep thinking...of course it's a woman. Not in some feminist sort of way, just that...woman are not men, we don't think like men, we don't respond like men - we are not men.

Woman are the balance of men, but even more, of life. It makes a lot of sense to me, knowing some amazingly strong and brilliant women, along with some fantastic men, just how that should work. One website had a lot of incredible images and explanations. I am not into tarot but I am into history. If you are as well, check this out.

Here are some images of Justice I found interesting. I was originally going to credit each one, but I skipped the modern images, I think, and decided to let the image tell the story, rather than ramble on about the history. See what you think. I believe this...we can't just stand around holding scales...we must get out there and tip the balance. And we're already on home plate...let's go!

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