Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Somethings Missed (and something missing)

Ships come in, ships go out. I hope this one coming in this afternoon wasn't from too far away...regardless, it was a beautiful sight from my yard.

Something weird is going on with blogger...suddenly everything is in spanish, I can't edit my posts the way I could, I can't comment on my posts, I can't see my adsense ads. So I have this horrifying feeling maybe I've loaded 85 comments because you can see them and I can't? Let me know. The bad thing is...google had so much going for it...sheesh, google EARTH, I mean...WOW. However, they do seem to have a wee little problem about providing human being interaction when it comes to problems with their services. There is not a human to be found. It is like being in telephone hell, times 5 to the 10th power. I am clueless about math, but that would be a lot? I hope so, because that is how it feels.

(I just had to move my whole operation indoors from the gazebo; mozzies and dusk and my blood allure to the former made this become a moveable feast - phone, camera, book, catalog, drink, hair band, computer. Two trips, scratch scratch. If I left anything - too bad, let the cat bring it in)

Ok. So. Google, deal kindly with your slaves!!! Enough of that. But I'll toss this into the same paragraph of wahhh. Today I braved the 1000 foot jackhammer and its noise. My ears still hurt. What? Are you saying something? Sorry, I can't hear you. I have on offer some earplugs for tomorrow. Yes, thank you, Jesse. They are new right????

I love this photograph from yesterday that somehow slipped right by me. Whether you know him or not, if you've seen Chiquitine you know him and his rascally dogs. And his mother. And his sidewalk happening. Chiqui is slightly less tall than me, so that would be sort of a mis-use of the word tall, let's say he's slightly smaller in physical stature than myself. However. If you know him, you know he's about 8 feet tall. Easy peasy. So, being open in the afternoon yesterday and catching this shot of Chiqui right after he jumped out of a vehicle and was striding home, was a beautiful thing. I showed him the photo and he loved it too, stopping a few people on the bridge to show it to them as well. I'll be printing it out for him tomorrow.

Also, this is * Fat Tuesday. Regardless of your beliefs, Mardi Gras seems to bring out a little ya ya in everyone, preparing for the impending Lent on the morrow. Every religion seems to have some period of penance and this is one version, starting tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. So, if you've got something on your mind you should repent about, hey, stick some ashes on your forehead, do your mea culpa's and move along. This is one of your chances, go for it! In the meantime, have some fun tonight.

St. Croix has Mardi Croix, an event started by some friends of mine as sort of a joke that has now grown into a pretty huge, not to be missed (unless you live here) event there. But I had my fun last night, never remembering to time these moments - my calendar brain is Open Somedays Closed Others. So for now, I raise my glass, toss some old beads and...no, I'm not doing that.
Happy Mardi Gras! And hopefully, if you go to that place, your Lent or your version of it will be a good thing in your life.

* Truthfully, I am both impressed and irritated by wikipedia for more reasons than need explanation here. But for fairly unslanted info on events concerning religious bits...or other emotionally/culturally laden factoids. it does a fairly good job on sites like mine for those interested in searching out historical background without a slant. I can only suggest it as one source - if interest is strong enough, it would well serve as a low end of the pool diving board for more.


  1. That photo of the Hobie Cat out by the harbour entrance is Juan Carlos of the Scooter Rental.

  2. I think the comments glitch was temporary. At first I couldn't see mine from yesterday, but now I can...