Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh brother! and What's In That...Friday

And I don't mean Jonny. After all of the trouble I've been having with the blog, I realized...oopsy, once again (you'd think after almost 20 years I'd know this stuff), I did it myself when working with privacy and security issues on Firefox after I got my computer back. But it took going into the deep wilderness of blogger help and asking the question precisely the right way with the tip of my tongue firmly between my front teeth and the sun exactly at the right degree to find this out...there was a whole list of good advice and the last one, almost a toss off, had the answer. Cheese and bread!!!!!

I wrote the above many hours ago, but will leave it in so you know things got figured out. I hope.
I went in to town late after getting a call that let me know the noise level was sane enough to bear. And it was...loud, but no jack hammering. Acceptable. However, when they started getting ready to go to get on the 1 p.m. ferry and thus good bye for the weekend, I couldn't help but do a little dance. One of the firemen took a hose and cleaned off some of the mud in the street in front of me, a kindness. I sat there, with basically the business of that part of the day done, just because it was so wonderful. Quiet...quiet. Sweet!

After I heard Sean (see Thanksgiving) was coming in on the 4:30 ferry I decided to wait around, not hard to do. So around 4:15 I headed to the dock, snapping pics of the ferry coming in...and waiting...and waiting...until the gate was closed. No Sean. By then I figured I might as well take advantage of the lovely cooling air and re-open the cart, which was worthwhile for an hour or so. Then the ferry that Sean and his friend Paul were REALLY on came in. I closed the cart, got my groceries out of Dinghy Dock's fridge and hit the sidewalk in time to say welcome home, meet Paul, take a few pics and head home (thanks, Sue!).

The ferry that Sean & Paul weren't on...but it was pretty!

Stand there, I'll get you with the Moon & Venus! (not)

Oh! there's the Moon & Venus...

Sue & Sean, street talkin'

I should be baking, but I think I'll try reading instead. More earplugs's apparently special church night - minus the Rolling Stones amp system. Thank you, god!

And now, for what's in that...well what IS in that? I don't know yet! I haven't gotten that far. So instead I'll give you my new favorite food happening. I get this in my email every day and tend to feel absolutely full after viewing. See if it works for you..FoodPornDaily. There are a couple of great food sites connected to that one that are also good reading. Not necessarily frugal gourmet, but unless you have forgotten so quickly, you don't have to have the expensive ingredients (you can substitute chicken for shrimp for example) if you keep playing with your food.


  1. i love that man. Nancy -- you know what i mean. :))

    i'm so glad he's where he's the happiest, and with the people he loves the most (besides Nancy and I).


  2. He's been busy making whiligigs and boat puttering...seems pretty happy to me!