Thursday, February 26, 2009

A long trip of a day

What a crazy mix of a day, with much of the first half brought to me via the internet. People from a Culebra forum, people from an international forum ( coming 'round to chat, ask questions, tell story. One guy came to stay awhile and ended up renting a place I happened to have a number for. Third time I've gotten a rental for that woman, I think it's time to ask for a commission.

In the midst of all of that, I re-made a windchime, sold a bunch of stuff, met other nice people and tried very hard to zone out the noise of the 1000 foot jackhammer. Rocky the environmental guy came by and we hugged when he told me it might last for two weeks instead of two days - I didn't cry or sniffle on his shirt, but I think I did bang my head on his chest once...or twice. "I could lie to you, MJ...but they thought they were going to be in dirt and's that hard rock." That hard rock is called blue bitch . This particular geological explanation is based on St. John but...same stuff, different island, if you're interested.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and packed it in to go have a cocktail at Dinghy Dock. Wah wah wah. My head hurt. It was time to go home, where the air is clean, the loudest noise is a time confused rooster or a pelican splash and the key word is tranquillo. My yard is an aspect of Culebra I couldn't do without.

Here is what I did instead of taking Excedrin. A shower first, to wash off the grit and grime. Ahhhhhhh. Clean! Ate the second half of my excellent but too much food at once Dinghy Dock lunch. Washed up the detrius from making ginger carrot muffins this morning. Wandered the yard and settled in the gazebo to read awhile. My headache was gone.

Time for a second cocktail and camera session. This is what I saw, sitting on my little dock. Ok, I stood up a few times.

Rush hour

Happy hour! Free Apps!

Still hungry

No crackers
No problem
New kid in town, a beauty

Ah, this must be the bar they told me about

Ok, if you more. I love these things!

Gotta fly. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...and breath smells like sardines too.

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