Sunday, December 26, 2010

As things Culebra go...

Christmas may be over in America, but here on Culebra, the celebrations continue on into January, culminating with Three Kings Day, January 6th. But that is later on. Last night I could hear parties going on around the bay, and then I heard the paranda music. I missed Culebra's public party yesterday, with other obligations. All day I asked, what about the horses? No horses, I was told, that's Three King's Day, remember? But I remembered horses...

And here they were! Not many but enough to be a belated Christmas present. I'm not exactly sure what the announcement was about, but it didn't matter much to was music, horses and happy people. What better? Sorry for the dark aspect, it was run and shoot or miss the show!

This morning

Cloud mountain

Sky gold

Have a memorable Momday! Do something miraculously mundane.

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