Friday, December 10, 2010

Free Range Friday - the holiday edition!

Once upon a time, in a lifetime long ago and in a land far away, I used to participate in cookie exchanges, cookie parties, cookies for family and friends. Lots of baking, fun with the kids lots of cookies to keep and share.

These days, I rarely eat cookies, for no particular reason, and haven't baked any in years and years. But I got this recipe in my email the other day and it brought back those memories. I still haven't baked any cookies yet, but you might be inspired and get around to it sooner than I do. When I do, the first ones I'm going to bake are these Lime Meltaways, from Closet Cooking. They sound like a commercially made cookie I used to really like called Lemon Coolers, one that apparently isn't made anymore, from a light research on the subject. There is also a great gourmet version that I've had, and it may have been these by J & M; I know they came in a tin...but! It's easier to get limes here than lemons, so I'll check out the Lime Meltaways. Plus, I'll know exactly what is in them.

I also liked to eat make Mexican Wedding cookies. They are sort of like a shortbread fact, they are sort of like the above cookies, without the citrus...and with hazelnuts. Hmmm. Maybe it's the powdered sugar?

Of course there are tons more types of cookies that seem to only show up during the holiday season. The Joy of Baking website from above has a great selection of holiday cookie recipes. Go crazy! I'll be happy to test out your results!

 It seems like we baked gingerbread cookies, but I never baked and put together a gingerbread house. I never tasted one I liked, even though I wouldn't have minded living in a few I've seen. Here are a few from the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton, in Seattle, WA. Wow.

The weather is right, even here, for making some cookies at home, so get your ingredients together and bake someone happy!


  1. Closet Cookbook? Really? Am I missing something? What an odd name. But anything LIme sounds great to me!

  2. Closet's a food blog I really like, some guy in Canada who is very original in his recipes and enthusiasm about cooking. Sometimes TOO original for my taste, but often inspiring. The link takes you to the recipe there. Enjoy!