Monday, December 20, 2010

This is it!!! Winter Solstice, Lunar Eclipse!

Yesterday held birds and beach...another beautiful day in Paradox.


I've read differing opinions on whether this is the first time in 400 something or 600 something years that these celestial events, the winter solstice full moon and a lunar eclipse, have occurred at the same time, but it is agreed that it's been a real long time. And that it will be somewhere along that time graph before they occur together again. So get your butts out of bed for something beside the paranda truck and see if you can catch part or all of this historic (and beautiful) sky event!

This lunar eclipse time chart is for us in Atlantic Standard Time. You can find your own time zone chart here, thanks to Mr. Eclipse! And I do thank you, Mr. E (who really is Mr. E; Fred Espenak, a pretty interesting guy from what I read - how many guys have an asteroid named in their honor?), that's one hell of a job you did to make it clear for the rest of us who can't figure out how to tell time.

Have a Monday of marvel! Do something magical.

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