Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some Culebra and elsewhere this's and that's

Happy birthday, Linda!! You may be physically far away, but in our hearts we're all together! Even if we aren't eating Indian food and pineapple upside down cake! Love and love and love, with wishes for the NEXT best year of your life!!!

Tomorrow, around dusk, is the time to be downtown for the holiday lighting festivities. I love this celebration party - it's sort of like a mini New Year's Eve, with the family of Culebra. So mark your calendar!

Speaking of calendars (a good segue, c'mon, admit it!), here's a note from Sister Teresa - one of the coolest Sisters I know...

Please announce the traditional Calendar sale to benefit Centro de Apoyo a la Famlia.   Many stores in Culebra  have them at $10.00 each. It is a nice item to give away this Christmas. Sorry the nun's phone is not working for the past month but you can get the calendars trough them also.

Thank you,
Sister Teresa

The calendars are in the same format as the past few years, with photographs of Culebra and the month below, 12 of them in a CD jewel case. Beautiful and the money goes to a wonderful cause. I've sold dozens of them from the cart as people buy one for themselves and others for gifts. I don't have any right now, but they are at stores around the island and I also saw some at Dinghy Dock yesterday...

Happy Birthday, mi amiga!

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