Friday, December 17, 2010

Culebra Christmas Caroling and Shameless Self Promotion!

I was so excited that I would be able to post a brief, but full video of the paranda truck(s) big and small as they wound through my neighborhood at 2:30 thiis morning. I heard them coming and grabbed my camera, waiting until they were winding down the hill across the street, multi-colored lights, music blaring, people singing, yelling, honking, waving, dancing. It was late/early but I wanted to get a look at the results...and they were nada. Zip. No Images. ARGH! I must not have pressed the record button hard enough! The sound of the music was floating back from around the bay and I almost believed they would be back, but some things can't be recreated...unless they come by tonight/this morning! Around 4 Julian's sound truck came by with more music, and it was good, gentle music, but somehow I knew the visual was not...quite...the same, so I didn't get up. Ah well, onward!

Christmas innocent, so fun! This has become a tradition here, with various singers coming and going as being on island permits. A good time is always had by all...the carolers and the listeners (I fall into the latter category, lucky for the listeners) who get caroled bar by bar, street by street in town. Here is Pam's message:
Christmas Caroling!
Dec. 20th
6:00 p.m. 
Meet at the Community Library 
La Bilioteca
(white trailer down the road to Hielo Joe's)

Bring a flashlight &
a snack to share as we practice!!
All Welcome  
Todos Agradable

A different singer
Ok, that's the caroling part. Now for the shameless self promotion! I've finally got my photography site together...still needs some work but I decided, 'tis the season for my folly!
See what you think. And those of you that have bought photos from me already, thanks for the encouragement to do this, whether you knew it or not!

Check it out (in case you move along and then think, man I should check that out! but what day did she post that? you can go to the link on the side bar and get to the same place. I don't have all my photos on it, but anything I publish on the blog is also for sale if it gives you what Susie calls a fish bone, that tickle that won't go away), see what you think, and let me know what should or could be better. My readers are my feedback, because in my own head...well, we don't want to go there, now, do we? Thanks!!!

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