Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The in-between

Right now we are in that in-between time; the parties, parandas and packaging of Christmas behind us, the planning for New Year's Eve ahead. Even the weather seems to be in a lulling time, the large seas and winds are gone, it's not quite sunny and not quite cloudy. It seems that life here is often so vivid that when the sheen of lull is cast over us, it becomes a little surreal (as opposed to the vivid surreal times). But I do have to say, last night, though the skies were dark in the absence of that glorious last full moon, we had sharp, dare I say, vivid, diamond stars overhead...a good night to recognize different constellations wheeling by.

Speaking of stars, here is a web site, Starry Messenger, I found recently. It's sort of like the USA Today of things skyward, giving headlines of links to some timely sky related stories (well, yeah, unless it's about a Starry Messenger and I can pretty well promise you won't see a post about that here unless one walks up and taps me on the shoulder), without bogging you down in articles you might have no interest in. I like it!

I have to say, if 2011 goes by at the rate of speed 2010 did, I'll be younger at the end of this year than I am now, in a time-warped non-continuum that leaves me scratching my head (of course, that could be caused by the cat sitting there occasionally), wondering what month it is, let alone what day.
I'm not really sure how that happens, the elasticity of time. Or maybe it is more pronounced on Culebra (ok, definitely it's more pronounced on Culebra). Maybe it's the whole 'getting older, time goes faster' thing, but if that's true, by the time I'm 60, a year will last about a month. Hardly seems fair...ah well, the way my memory is going, I won't remember anyway, so maybe that is the balance of it all. Fair warning, right here, right now! If I don't remember your name (or my own) as we meet up in the coming year, now you know why. Be kind.

I've been thinking of things that brought me joy this year, and one of them is finding photos (and the real thing right here on Culebra) of...are you ready? Container homes. Yes, I'm a simple person. The latest one(s) to bring container home lust into my heart are as follows...unless you quit reading sometime up above.

Does this not look like something that could be on Culebra? In my own yard? Yes it does!
I first saw this on Derek "Deek" Diedricksen's blog, Relaxshacks in a post about container homes, and had to find out more...which I did on the blog De Zeen. So if you want to see more photos of it, click on the link.

Something about a blue roof apparently grabs my fancy.

This is being used as a garden tool shed here on Culebra, but I can easily imagine it as a tiny home. Quite easily, in fact. Yes, I want it.

And yes, I'm rambling, caught in the slow whirling vortex of the Lull Time. I'm sure something notable will be happening soon, like New Year's Eve, if nothing happens before that. Random acts of vividness are not uncommon around here. In the meantime, I'm rolling with it!

Have a towering Tuesday! Do something tangy.


  1. MJ,

    It's time to come out of the closet and embrace your inner Hobbit!

    That double decker with a view is stunning.

  2. I was in the closet? Good lord! No wonder it seemed a bit dark.

    Yes, it is, isn't it? So simple, so elegant, so...I WANT IT-able.

  3. How bout a pic of the shack?

  4. When and if the day comes that the shack looks as cool as the above, I'll boringly post way too many photos!

  5. Hi we have a video tutorial series for anyone interested in the Owner Builder or DIY side of building their own Container Home over here http://www.containerhome.info/tutorial-1.html

  6. Hey Shipping Container Homes person! I went to check your link and it says you're too full to even open the link! That's a good thing, I think. So check it out and re-post please? Can we find you online at containerhome.info?