Saturday, December 4, 2010

Did Culebra have fun last night? Yes we did!

Last night's Lighting Up the Christmas Lights was excellent! For me and other early birds, it started with a sunset so spectacular that many just stood near the waterfront, staring, for a good 20 minutes or so. The colors and clarity lasted forever...or it felt like that; in the good way. A number of people mentioned that they could see St. Croix all day long, 40 water miles away. We could see Puerto Rico and Vieques from the plaza, almost every hill and dale, until it became a fantastic silhouette, with the sky colors reflecting across the sea and black layers of clouds hovering over all. And that was just for starters.

Music by El Son de Culebra, the children putting on some dances, families and friends wandering between the bars and restaurants...and finally the lighting itself. When when? No one knew until a surge of people moved away from the plaza and into the street, staring up. Over the loudspeakers came 'Tres, dos, uno!' and everywhere, on they were, colored lights, above the streets, around the tree, in strings and patterns. The celebration went on...

Not long before I went home, Michael (Barber Michael) had gotten his horse hitched up to the beautifully restored carriage, all set for carriage rides. Jeep Carlos and maybe Sophia? appeared to be his first customers; a little while later I saw Monika, Zach and Olivia gliding by. What a fun addition to Culebra!

Also, just so you notice, the municipality workers have been busy, patching potholes and  fixing the regular street lights as well...thanks! We needed that.

Come enjoy the lights and spirit of the holidays!

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