Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy birthday, Dear Sloane!! Numero Uno Granddaughter!

Today's your birthday, you're gonna have a good time! Here is a story for you, brought to you by my cat CWIM.

Yesterday was a long day of working, but being able to look out at beautiful islands, the water a few hundred shades of blues and greens (no monkeys though). I got home and was in bed really early, and just about asleep when CWIM came TEARING inside - the door was open - hissing, really loud. She roared up onto the table, jumped off, and I see something, some sort of plastic paper thing, I'm not sure, attached to her tail, but she doesn't stop and still hissing rips through the door again. Of course, I go out looking for her and can hear her crashing through the bushes, up and down the yard. I even saw her a few times, racing, hissing, going crazy.

I was so scared. All I could think was that it was maybe a rat/mouse glue trap or something and that she'd been poisoned...the hissing was awful! Then it was silent. I took a flashlight and wandered around the yard for another half hour. Silence. At last I hear a scuffling and think it's under the house, but no, it was on the roof! There is a ladder I keep on the side of the house (it's wooden and cool looking) because, hey, you never know when you want to be on the roof. I climbed up there and she was there, nothing stuck to her tail, just looking at me like, what are YOU doing up here, and by the way, why don't you take me down with you? So I did. And we all lived happily ever after. The end.

Here is a flower for you. One day we'll look at this view together
I love you, darling! Have an excellent birthday! Besos!!!


  1. I know it's difficult to properly spoil a granddaughter from a remote Caribbean island...but my hat is off to the art-form you have made it!!!!

    H.B. Sloane!

  2. Very difficult indeed, Doug...too far, too far. Thanks.