Friday, December 3, 2010

Into the garden, D's Garden Center, that is

While many people are experiencing a winter that comes with white stuff and low digit temperatures, we in the tropical climes are in what is perfect weather for growing...well, pretty much anything we like, all year. Oh, we may not be able to grow a few of the northern clime crops, but who needs chestnuts over an open fire anyway?

Yesterday I walked over to D's Garden Center (conveniently located around the corner from me with her new move outside of town). Just in the few days since I peeked through the closed gates, more goods have been brought in. Diane and I talked for awhile about the wonders of growing one's own food, including fruit trees, versus the pale imitations we get in the markets. 

'Growing your own' is not just for the pleasures of good foods, but for the pleasure of the eyes and spirit as well, with the side benefit of enriching the earth and air that are the invisible pluses of growing trees and flowers. 

Yesterday, a  Federal judge ordered the immediate destruction of hundreds of acres of genetically engineered sugar beet seedlings that had been planted in violation of federal law. Monsanto, King of what I consider Frankensteinian Lab Seeds  lost this round, but that is a rarity. Knowing what you are eating, and how it will affect generations to come, as well as the very land, is a gift we have been given. Oh, how easy it is to simply pick up something in the market versus growing one's own tomatoes/lettuce/herbs, but the price can be higher than only money. Use the gift! Grow your own!

More new items inside...I love these mirrors!

Diane's veggie and herb seeds are from local producers in Puerto Rico and she will be expanding that section. There are roses and trees and plants of many kinds. She also just brought in some pavers (made in PR), fountains and garden sculpture stands. Check it out. Bring some beauty and plenty into your lives for this new year while supporting a local business. As Diane says, Little by little, poco a the garden center grow.

Congratulations, Diane. A lot of hard work, while having fun doing what you love, giving benefits for all of us on Culebra. Well done, chica!


  1. Her garden center looks beautiful! What a wonderful asset for Culebra!

  2. It really is...and so is Diane!

  3. We have bought herbs at D's for the last 2 years when we come to Culebra in March. We plant them around the house we rent in town and use them for cooking. We love her nursery, wish we could enjoy it year round. I've got to have one of those sun mirrors!! Makes me think of my 'church'-Sunday Morning on CBS

  4. oooooooh, I intend to spend some time exploring the Center!

  5. I love that you do this at a house you rent! You all rock! And I am also a (not so much now but heart always) fan of Sunday Morning...yep...the mirror is a yes

  6. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!