Monday, December 13, 2010

Sometimes you get the bear...

Mule drawn carriage coming down the hill
...and sometimes the bear gets you. Or me, in this case. I managed to take a whole lot of less than great photos of an event I can't do over, so I'm going with 'What the hell' and posting them anyway.

Francie and Jacinto's combo birthday was celebrated at Susie's last night (natch), a quiet version this year that turned into something else completely. On Culebra. What a surprise; go figure!

Jacinto reading and tapping his hand to his musical birthday card...good choice, Francie!
Yet another round of the Happy Birthday song
We waited for Karen and Darrin to show up from the late ferry (late to us anyway, at 9 p.m.) and that was a flurry burst. Then, just as we were winding down, ready to head home, amid honking and lights, the paranda truck showed up, full of laughing, singing, dancing folks who were winding UP. Lots of people jumped off the truck to grab a drink, and give hugs and wishes of felicidade and feliz cupleanos. Then, with, weirdly and quite wonderfully, with the song Stand By Me playing, they drove out of sight. Stand By Me...indeed we do. I'm copping it as the theme song of this season in our lives. More Culebra magic.

The birthday duo and buds...
Francie getting a Sexy Boy birthday hug
We stopped at Happy Landing on the way home for soft drinks (really) and there was the paranda truck again! We didn't stay...and neither did they. I was home, tucking up for bed when I heard them coming through the neighborhood...a few times. It was great...I went to bed with the fading sounds of music...and to all, a good night!

Welcome home, Darrin (and no, I'm not posting the crazy picture here, we'll do a good one soon)!

And good morning too. Happy Monday!

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