Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fast and not at all Furiously

Today is one that starts early for me, as in, gotta go! But I wanted to share this with you because everyone needs to see this, mainly so I know I wasn't hallucinating. I thought maybe it was a skit, but it wasn't.

I'd left the television on some random station, while I was out, for the critters to have noise 'company'- so when I actually got around to watching it, this guy was on, in front of a weather screen, with his friend. The bird makes comments, like "Sunny" or "Rainy" and the guy talks back to him, then continues with the weather. Sort of. It looks like a high school production of a weather show, back when there was no technology. At all. Like when I was a kid (minus the parrot). I think it comes out of Barbados, but they never quite said...

More on television viewing later; you've been warned. But for now...

have a wrap it up Wednesday! Do something wise.


  1. I've seen him before, he's rather famous. He came to Grand Cayman once and I heard he had his parrot with him, although I didn't see him.

  2. That's funny, Mark. In all the time I've lived in the Caribbean, I've never seen him (of course, no tv doesn't help with that but...) or heard of him. It's a pretty casual news program, to say the least.