Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weather or Not

These photos are from a couple of evenings ago and yesterday morning. But we are still in the same weather pattern of very calm air. It was and is almost eerie strange, in a beautiful way.

Frangipani at sunset

Sonny looking quite elegant

Good night, Vieques

Little Bit/Nikoli practicing for the tightrope act

Yesterday's dawning

Amazing gazing 

For some reason, this song was in my head this morning. It's an old song, written and sung by some old friends. Friends I fully blame for any weirdness that I might carry around and exhibit today. Their music infiltrated and subverted pretty much my whole life path...and except for one who has gone on ahead of us, they are still making music today, separately and sometimes together, lo these 40 plus years later. Thanks, Cowboy(s), for leading me down a strange and wonderful garden path. It really is all your fault!

Have a subdued Sunday! Do something quietly subversive.

Pan gave me a couple of branches of this plant, which I stuck in the ground and got - magic!


  1. You're lucky to be 'stuck' on good weather. We're stuck on clouds and rain.
    Very nice song.

  2. We ARE lucky! Glad you like the song and hope you get sunshine soon.

  3. No offense to CWIM, but that is a beautiful kitty!

  4. No offense even remotely taken! He is a beautiful kitty for sure. I love that the tip of his tail is pure white, where CWIM's is pure black.

  5. When a song gets stuck in your head like that, we call it an "earworm".

  6. Arroz, that is perfect! Having wondered on occasion if I might have an earworm, it makes complete sense (the doctor assures me its all in my head...which is what I said in the first place)