Monday, October 24, 2011

Some This That and the Other

This morning's dawn held a new element, and I think it was a brilliant addition. Kudos to the artist! One day I'll have a camera worthy of the view, but for now, the best thing is to go outside and see it for yourself!

This morning also brought in some breezy weather. Ok, it started last night. I only know this because while I was slightly asleep the dog and cats decided they needed company while listening to the whistling of the wind through the windows. Is that enough W words?

There is some potential rain out there, so get in your beach time while you can! My laundry is done, how about yours?

Oh, Kelli, you have a new bloom! Love, the House Sitter

I continue to be a big fan of the daily cartoons Mahoney Joe and Harold's Planet. They always make so much sense to me. Maybe that should be worrisome, but for me, it's confirmation that the inside of my head is not alone. And that is as comforting as a cup of milky tea...
From the state of the world...

to the state I hope someone will have the courtesy to put me in,
should the need arise.
(Just a reminder; I do have the artist's permission 
to use these here on my blog, as they are copyrighted!)

Slowly, slowly some winter people are drifting back to Culebra. In case you have been waiting for Chris Goldmark to take you fishing, he's back and his website will give you all the info you need to get hooked up, pun intended. It's good to see some of the old familiar faces, as well as some new ones as the ferry service becomes slightly more reliable. 'nuff said on that. For now.

Have a manageable Monday! Do something minorly important.


  1. We haven't seen the sun in so long.....
    I heard pleasant rumors about this mornings moon.
    Go to the beach for me. Please.

  2. Boy you all are really under the grey cloud a long time! Surely it can't continue much longer, but I'll force myself to go to the beach for you anyway, because that's just the sort of blog person I am!

  3. Not sure why - you astronomy buffs please chime in - but in Culebra, the moon slivers point up for the cradle that the cat-star rests in. Round these parts the sliver points sideways.

  4. Doug, I for one am not going to investigate anything Culebra doesn't do sideways! Shhhhhhh.