Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Scary Saturday Night on Culebra

There are a lot of people around this weekend! I know this, not because I saw a lot of people, but  because almost all the Jeeps at Carlos' are gone. Some of them I did see.

At Dinghy Dock there was an pre-Halloween Halloween party going on.

 Early in the day...swingin' past the graveyard

 You shoulda seen the other guy!

 There was even a pumpkin carving contest, with some serious contenders

 Sorry other pumpkin artists, but this one got my vote. C'mon, it's brilliant!

 Hippie v.2011

 So Neil, where's your costume, dude?

Great costumes all around!

On a walkabout, there was more going on. Maybe I should get out more at night. Or maybe not. The best part? Seeing a lot of smiling faces everywhere I went.

 At Heather's, Super Claire was manning the bar. 
This is not her usual bartender wear. At least I don't think it is.

 Flour dusted from the kitchen, also at Heather's was...Heather! 

Natalie - being her usual radiant self - bartending at Sandbar

Some kind of event was going on at Quique and Marta's place. I'm not sure what it was about but there were a lot of happy people there...and the man singing was amazing!

Have a satisfying Sunday. Do something smiling.


  1. Something smiling...let's about the World Champs in a tickertape parade led by the Clydesdale hitch, with three marching bands, and the Cardinals, presumably in convertibles, at 4 pm...followed by St. Louis' own Funky Butt Brass Band ans NOLA's Rebirth Brass Band at 6:30, where the $15 ticket includes BBQ? :-))))))))).

  2. Wow!!! That's pretty smiling! Have way big fun and blow kisses to the horses for me.

  3. You mean Albert, Lance, Chris, Yadi, and David, or the Clydesdales?

  4. Um, best to stick with the horses I know...go Clydesdales!