Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween on just never know what will happen. Trick or treat! 

 Two of my all time favorite tricksters from years past - with Krista all married with babies in PA and Karen in England or Spain or some place else doing who knows what - but no doubt having way big fun - it's just not quite the same. We miss you, chicas!!

I saw this bird (or ghost of a bird?) on a mast top, I was trying and couldn't get a clear photo when suddenly it started flapping its rather huge wings, slowly slowly slowly so I clicked anyway. It felt and looked pretty Halloweeny to me! If you look at them both up and down real fast, you might get the flapping idea better. Or maybe not.

And while the moon isn't nearly full and the wolves may not be howling in our neighborhood, I think Halloween needs a moon shot (and not the one I get in my email every year either!)

Have a moment of treats Monday. Do something full of malarky!

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