Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Point of View

Here at a new housesitting gig, the views are new, to me anyway. This morning showed how different  it really is here. I was getting dogs outside when my gaze was drawn down the driveway, maybe 20 feet away. A doe was staring at me, staring hard. I stared back. I was sure the dogs would frighten her, but it was a frozen tableau. The dogs stood still. The doe was statue-like. We stared into each others' eyes while I wished for my camera, 3 feet away but inside the door. Finally, because we might have been there all day, I made a move and she slipped into the brush, silently, instantly. Maybe tomorrow.

Living in a flamboyant bower

Sahara dust and haze at sunset

Treetop frangipanis

Yes, I want to know more!

Hillside through the haze
Hazy, somewhat lazy, summer daze. Life is good.

Have a transcendental Thursday. Do something true-hearted.

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