Monday, July 14, 2014

What is the Opposite of Noir?

Last night sort of reminded me of a movie. People scattering and coming back together, swapping chatting partners across a restaurant that felt more like a cocktail party. But the good sort of party, where you really like the guests and the food and the ambiance. The kind of party where you know it is time to go but stay awhile longer anyway.

Milton, back in our slip stream for awhile, played and sang, with a little bit of story talk interwoven with the notes. Earlier we'd had a chance to catch up, a quick shot across a long bow of years. That easy kind, where the conversation is just a continuation of where ever you left off the last time, with a few detours for newness explanations. New child, new future, new scar. Maybe I'll start calling this place Susie and Jacinto's Living Rooms. Or not.

Have a magnetic Monday. Do something manifesting.


  1. I like the sepia and B&W. Nice touch.

    1. Glad you like it. I was just playing with the mood of the night. Bright and happy but sort of...surreal! And film noir is all about negativyity and this obviously was not, but I could see a 30's thing going on. But yeah, that's just me.

    2. Pure clear light!
      Rock on you super nova MJ!

    3. Lots of brightness in that orbit, Patty! xo

  2. Looking at this again, it is really superb!