Saturday, July 26, 2014

Culebra Rambles

Yesterday I was looking at my facebook page when Ben posted a photo of the Lechonara parked in front of the Ecological School. Having no idea it was there and always tempted beyond resistance by lechon, I wrote that I'd have to make a trip there. Ben responded that I'd best hurry, that three pigs were almost all gone. Then Hannah said there was still one left. I hit the road.

By the time I got there, the pickings were slim but that was fine with me. I just wanted bits and bites and lots of skin, and that's exactly what I got. For five bucks. There was enough to share with a friend and to give the dogs a couple of taste treats. Win win win!

On my way out to Zoni, I saw this sailboat with a black sail. It caught my attention enough to detour to DRN but this boat was zipping along and I figured I'd missed it.

But I didn't miss it! There it was, sailing between Culebrita and Cayo Norte. We watched for awhile, trying to figure out where it was going. St. Thomas? San Juan?

Turning about, they had a long, tack free run into Culebrita. So long, Black Sail.

There is almost always a show to watch out here
(p.s. Just a note here. The beach is NOT a bathroom, nor are the little tucked away places that people set up in for a day of beachy enjoyment. If your needs (sexual or digestive) cannot wait, at least be as respectful as dog owners are and deal with your bits and pieces in a way that won't be found by others. Yes, bag it and use the trash cans. I know, disgusting, but even more disgusting for others who also want to enjoy the beach)

Another Culebrita visitor?
I've had these photos in my little camera for way too long! But if you haven't visited Aimee's Tesoros shop, don't wait. Located in town in the row of shops where the veggie guy and Vibra Verde among others hold court, Tesoros is a wonderful addition to Culebra. Old and new items, with a little of this and a little of that, you can probably find something you don't want to live without.

This morning after feeding my cat, I gave a fellow a ride into town and noticed that the Lechonera was newly refreshed with three new pigs on their spits. I wasn't ready for lechon (did I really write that?) but I bet they will be gone soon, so get thee to the Pig Place!

Have a salty, sandy Saturday! Do something savoury.


  1. exciting news! pretty soon we can add to the series: 111 SHOPS of CULEBRA YOU MUST NOT MISS and i know just the person to do it!

  2. that black sailed vessel is a state of the art , very fast boat , with what appear to be highly expensive "mylar" racing type sails..!