Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Head Out on the Highway

A few people know I've been looking for a small motorhome in the states for when I'm there seeing family and friends. With plenty of time before a purchase to look online, I've found my fantasy motorhome. It's called a Toyota Sunrader. Full of windows bringing in good light, it will be a very tiny home (note the 'will be', I'm dreaming strong here) on the outside, but bigger on the inside.

"What? Smaller than the shack? Really?" Yes. When I first moved into this 200' + square foot space, it seemed large, compared to the boats I'd been living on. There are days it doesn't feel so big, but all I have to do is step out the door, or even look out the window and there is my space. I figure with a road across America my space will be large indeed.

There are five configurations for this rv, I want the 20' model, no bigger than a van, 20+ mpg, fiberglass. That's my order, Universe! These are some photos found around the web. One of them has my name on it. Eventually.

I must be someplace taking photos

A lot of them have four burner stoves, but I could live with three

Pink is NOT my color, but paint and fabric are easy for making changes

Is that wheat grass growing in the sink? 
So, all you people who say 'Come see us when you're near!' might want to rethink that.

I think that living a life of smaller things is a sort of gestalt - all the sum of parts making for a bigger world than first appearances might indicate. And that's a good thing, your eyes open more, your spirit gathers the good moss and learns better to shed the not so good. A place for everything and everything in its place...but wait! There is room, right there for that perfect stone or shell or small painting. A shawl, a small statue, a good knife collected along the way. Yes.

Part of the small and tiny life here on Culebra is made up of those parts. Here are some of them. In fact, first up is a very big part. Remember Lulu?

Lulu was abandoned and came to the attention of AWC a mangy mess. Her skin condition was so severe it was doubtful at times that she could be cured. But even then, scabby and bald in places, her heart and spirit were so out there, her desire to be loved bounced out in her loving, drawing people to her to help. Many doctor visits, many treatments, many months with Sue and Tuck. Many walks given by visitors to the island as little by little she healed in body and mind. A year later, she found her new home. Teresa shared a couple of photos with me yesterday and I wanted to pass along the miracle of Lulu for you all.

Lulu with her new sib.
There are thousands and thousands of abandoned and abused animals out there, Lulu is just one of way too many. It is overwhelming, so often, in our huge world, so the tiny miracles need to be celebrated. Here's to you, Lulu! Here is a tiny example of not giving up....her own strength of will, her rescuers, her new family, her caregivers most of all. Salut!

A couple more small moments.

So far, so good! Shhhh.

Have a tinily tremendous Tuesday! Do something with tensile strength tenacity.


  1. I know you've been looking/shopping for awhile, I think you've found it! This looks like you! Maybe "Island Woman" on the side?! I had flower appliqués on my VW van on my cross country rambles many years ago. Happy trails to you.

    1. I can just picture your van in my mind! A VW camping van (oh, I miss mine!) would be great, except the truly decent ones these days are many, many times more are the 1000.00 I paid once upon a time.