Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July, that red, white and blue holiday that conjures up about as many thoughts and emotions as there are stars on the flag - patriotism alongside historical and current injustices interspersed with wafting memories thick as grill smoke of fireworks and laughter filled celebrations. Swirl on!

Celebrating the birth of America is a mixed bag for me these days. There is plenty wrong and there is a lot right in our country; in 200+ years we've come a long way, both good and not at all good, from some questionable beginnings. But one thing I can always celebrate is that America is a beautiful country, her mountains and plains and coastlines, her deserts and forests, despite the great lack of care we've given to our land, there is still great beauty to be found. Everywhere, man.

While this video doesn't include our beautiful US associated islands, visual celebration is a still a good thing. And we need more good things to encourage our freedom songs.

Have a freedom Friday the Fourth! Do something full of fervor. 


  1. Great video! Can't wait to go back out west. 58 days. Just bought a GoPro. First thing Debbie says "What the hell?? You taking up sky diving? BASE jumping?

    1. Maybe basic walking and driving! The GoPro's look like way big fun and take some amazing photo/video. Can't wait to see your trip!

  2. That was cool! And the music was fun with the video!