Saturday, July 12, 2014

Celebration Friday on Saturday

Sometimes, it is good things that come in threes, or maybe fours.  The day piled up reasons for us to celebrate and celebrate we did! Zaco's and Dinghy Dock helped. A drive to the roof of Culebra was a pretty good place as well. No, not Resaca.

Early early there was a color show to the east. 
At Zaco's, Fortune keeps the water going

A different view on a grey, hazy afternoon

Back at Dinghy Dock, a mysterious woman appeared.

And then there was music

I was sorry I missed Milton playing at Susie's but being offline all day, the event was overlooked. I won't miss today, though. Milton will be playing at the community theater (by the airport, the one that's never been used except by horses) at 4 p.m. this afternoon.

Ok, where was I? Right. Dinghy Dock on a Friday afternoon with the usual suspects.

Blue eyes

Thanks to you owners, servers, bartenders and cooks, musicians and friends for making everything good even better! It's the Culebra way.

Don't forget to look up for the full moon tonight! Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Flower Moon, Hot Moon, Old Moon, Long Night's Moon, Cold Moon, Oak or Wolf Moon ~ where ever you are in the world, there she is or will be sooner than later.

Today's full moon from India - credit: EarthSky
See you at the theater!

Have a somewhat surreal Saturday. Do something showstopping, in the good way, of course.

p.s. Some people leave behind a smile. Mary was one of them. Rest with peace, Mary ~ the hard part of the journey is over for you, and we will remember the very good parts. Heartsong to Art and Bryer.

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