Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick Tiny Home Tuesday on Wednesday

By the time I got around to having awhile to post yesterday, it was late. So I didn't. But the universe, as usual, gave me the reason why, because an article shared on The Shelter Blog didn't come in until this morning. The article is from Bloomberg, yes, the Bloomberg of economic business news, entitled Tiny Houses are Big with U.S Owners Seeking Economic Freedom. Not exactly an easy tongue roller and a bit narrow in its U.S. scope, but surprisingly, to me anyway, a really well done article hitting about as many aspects concerning tiny/small home living as is possible, in some good depth.

Dramatic downsizing is gaining interest among Americans, gauging by increased sales of plans and ready-made homes and growing audiences for websites related to the niche. A+E Networks Corp. will air, beginning today, “Tiny House Nation” a series on FYI that “celebrates the exploding movement.”

photo credit: Nina Glinski/Bloomberg (to see more of Nina Glinski's photography, go here - she's good!)
You can read the whole article here and it is well worth the time to check it out. The times, they are a-changin' from only a few years ago when googling tiny homes meant you would come up with playhouses for children. Now it's playforrealhouses for grown ups. I like that.

A view from a not so tiny house.

We're getting some color in our sunsets and sunrises these days. It doesn't last long and turns into watery looking skies soon after, but for moments, it's a good show. 

Have a working wonder Wednesday. Do something watchfully.

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