Monday, July 28, 2014

Hurricane Supplication Day ~ 2014

While no longer an official USVI holiday, Hurricane Supplication Day is still recognized by many (when I lived on St. Croix, some businesses, including banks and the PO, closed and churches were packed). Now that it's not official, I guess you'll just have to supplicate on your own initiative.

You won't find me in any organized church, though I have no doubt there will be services today if you are in the VI's and inclined to attend. But I did spend a moment on a shore this morning, hoping for weather grace this season. Whatever your flavor of supplication is, have at it with gentle gusto! A supplication in time...etc. etc. Oh...don't forget to have your supplies ready, just in case.

For tropical islanders, the potential for hurricanes is a risk of living in paradise. Although U.S. meteorologists cite June 1 as the start of hurricane season, hurricanes in the Virgin Islands are most likely to occur in August and September. Reducing this storm potential is at the heart of Hurricane Supplication Day, a tradition uniquely observed by residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Every year on the fourth Monday of July, islands dwellers on St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John pray for protection from hurricanes. Special church services are held to call upon divine protection from storms that can wreak havoc on these and other Caribbean islands. The custom is said to originate in the Rogation Days ceremonies of 5th century England. Rogations (meaning “asking” or “supplications”) were sometimes offered annually, and sometimes in response to the aftermath of a particularly devastating natural disaster. From RLV
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Thanks to Ann, who, from NY, reminded me about this day. It takes an island or two! No need to keep our island holidays down on the seafarm, spread 'em around!

For more information on Hurricane Supplication Day, check out this St. Thomas Source article from 2006. If you want more information on supplication, I can only do so much.

Have a meddlesome Monday. Do something metamorphic.

p.s. Keep an eye on the weather, islanders.

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