Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Slow Tap Dance in Paradox

The more I travel in the States, the more I realize that what we claim to be island-isms are really just the same good and bad things dressed up in different clothes all over the place. Six months in Spain wasn't enough time to know much, but it felt different there, how things got done, how life got prioritized, leaving me with knowing I don't know enough to compare anything but the US, the USVI's and Culebra. In generalizations, which are crap really, but sometimes the best I can do.
I never promised you a prose garden.

Sunrise yesterday
The thing is, our samenesses, for good and/or bad, are much more likely than our differences. Little sayings I thought were inherent to the islands (We're all here because we're not all there, which I am sure came from St. John, just as sure as other places are that it came from their own patch) are used all over the place. 

Every place has its claim to weirdness, sometimes it just involves winter weather or sports instead of sunshine and plenty of drinks. Ok, not instead of, the drinking part (unless it's the smoking ganja part) is pretty much across the board. Or NOT across the board but truthfully, I don't stay in perfect towns USA very long, which the town fathers and mothers and myself are all satisfied about.

Sunset last evening
No point here, just something I was thinking about. Maybe it gets my mind away from the bigger, nastier things I can do nothing about except fly and wave my little flag, with kazoos playing and a hearty thump on the thigh occasionally for emphasis. 

Most of our clouds really are silver with a gold lining.
This morning the water off of the town dock (that would be the ocean) looks rough, with white caps heading onshore. Wispy clouds high, more dense on the horizons. If you can see 180° is it a singular horizon? It feels like horizons. Oh the things that trouble my soul. Regardless, it's a good day for walking. The moth/butterflies are still out in their hundreds, waves of them apparently going everywhere swiftly. I'll join them slowly.

A clear hazy look to Vieques
Have a tumbling Thursday. Do something ticklish.


  1. 'I never promised you a prose garden' I Love it!. I'm stealing that before you get the copyright on it. ;-))

    1. Just send me some residuals once in awhile. Those budding English lit majors will love the t-shirt.