Saturday, December 5, 2015

Island Busyness ~ Let the Season Begin!

You know how after a holiday all the things you either didn't or couldn't get done loom in your life with a 'must do' on returning? That's not a bad thing, that anchoring into one's own life, the structure needing support to be maintained is an opportunity to really look at what the support is for. Coming home is doing that. I'm seeing that where I thought there might be weaknesses were really the strengths of my connection to Culebra. If that makes sense to anyone, good.

Yesterday we headed to Flamenco, because it's there, it's beautiful and the water was fine. 

There weren't many people around, always nice.
Early is good but it wasn't really that early at all.

The peli's were in their usual winter spot

The tank hadn't moved. Much.

If you like burls, there's some good ones in the parking lot at Flamenco
Yesterday we ran into Molly (not literally, no) and she told us that it was Light Up night. That's the night the Christmas lights and decorations are lit up. The everydayness of seeing so many old friends gets notched up a bit higher, in a calm way not seen at celebrations for the rest of the season. 

I have no idea what these costumes were for but what I really saw were the smiles

I had to assure these people I really wasn't taking their photo
I'll take these again when there isn't anyone around
 Usually I get to see the build of the decorations around town, but this year, that was all done, leaving only the unveiling to go. The decorations are simple this year in a way that reminds me of a few years back when the theme was Old Fashioned Christmas, with scenes of families cooking lechon, the musical instruments used in parrandas a couple actual wooden houses in miniature that were replicas of the way most of the homes looked in the old days. 

This is like modern simple. It's a good look.

Pre light up (those lights are street lights)

All dressed up and somewhere to go

Not yet. It's barely two hours late, so that means anytime now.

Juanito and Dolly, styling.
I don't know the name of the guy in the basket. He seemed cheery.

The children were called up to the stage to do the countdown. I think Mario was the most excited though.


Lots of children posed at the Nativity scene.
There is never a question about their being a Nativity scene, it just is. 

I wasn't really taking photos of this girl, but I'm glad she's in them.

Santa was in the other corner

All lit up

Keeping it simple
Today is on for more errands and maybe some beach time. The sun is struggling with some clouds (and the sun is winning) and the Christmas winds are blowing the mosquitos away. it's 79 degrees. Oh yeah.

Speaking of Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate around this time of year, don't forget to buy local! Even though what you'll see here isn't local to Culebra, it is very local to Puerto Rico and also very good! If you don't know about Suzanne of the Finca, you should. She also sends out area and Southern Florida weather reports on a daily basis, or more if needed. A treasure indeed. You can get in touch with her at

Have a simple Saturday. Do something situational.

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