Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Closing In On Christmas Around Here!

I think I heard Julian's parranda music about 4 times on and off in the wee hours as he drove the barrios, without recognizing a single song. But coming out of dreamland and drifting back to it to music had me smiling.

Great tree from the tire guy!
I was looking at the bay in the late afternoon when this flock of birds went by. My camera was inside so it was just going to be one of those moments to record in my memories. But then they came back again. Maybe it would happen again, time to run for the camera? Yes and yes. 

The sun was in just the right place to have the white and blacks of their wings look like flashing lights, sharply outlined. Another Culebra gift. 

Enjoy the season! 

Have a wandering Wednesday. Do something waggish.


  1. Love the Christmas tree! That made me smile. Have a happy holiday season! :D

    1. It's made a lot of us smile too! Enjoy the season!