Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Boxing Day!

Around here, while Christmas Day is over, we're still in holiday mode until at least January 7th, the day after Three King's Day. When I first got to Culebra, Christmas wasn't really that big a deal, which was pretty nice in a lot of ways. Not that commercialism runs rampant here, it didn't then and it doesn't now. But I liked living where a holiday was really celebrated for what it is supposed to be about, whether I believe in it or not. 

Of course, there are those three camels that are left hay in shoeboxes under the beds of girls and boys for gifts (a special present for the good ones, something akin to dirt for the naughty) to be left in exchange...

And, don't forget what today is. Happy Boxing Day!! 

Christmas yesterday was a round of seeing friends throughout the day. First to the beach where we were late arrivals but the food was still plentiful, and we got there in time for some strumming and singing.

A rainbow greeted us, after a fast rain swept in on big winds
That obviously didn't last long.
I took this photo twice, wondering what kind of bird kept sweeping through, but it was a football. 

A joyful noise

Because what's more classic than palm trees gathered over an open beach?
We stopped for a respite where I got to share in some coquito, which is liking having Christmas on your tongue (one of our hardware stores sold homemade coquito this year, in a number of flavors...try getting that at Home Depot) and then moved on to the next party.

It's always good to have a brief catch up with people
you usually only see in passing.

The last stop was to see some old friends who had all the family together from points north. With all their babies. Imagine you have three children. Then imagine they all have children in the same year. It was a beautiful baby city, with cuteness everywhere.

Once I got home, I remembered a house along the bay I wanted to take a photo of, its lights cheering the nights. First I had the settings wrong, but it was such a great error I'll let you see it anyway.
Martini and drinks glasses, with straws included. 

This is what I was really trying for. It looks better from across the bay though.
I missed the rising moon, but she was shining bright, with only a few drifting clouds to keep it interesting. I also missed the parade, being at the other end of the island and enjoying the moments while time slipped away. Even for Culebra, it was too late to catch it  Next year!

Oh Christmas Moon, Oh Christmas Moon

Have a solicitous Saturday. Do something serving your servers.

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