Thursday, December 24, 2015

Street Life ~ Culebra

Unless you live someplace with a seriously strong sense of home land, it's almost impossible to convey the current that runs through Culebra. It isn't always 'all for one and one for all' but when push comes to shove (as it has before -i.e. getting the Navy out - and no doubt will again), the bond that ties Culebrense to this island (and transfers, on another level, to those who have made this place home) are strong as steel cables and just as interwoven, with history and personal stories. A walkabout shows this better than my words can ever do.

The new alcadia

These stencils are all over the island

I don't know who planted this garden at the old school

But it is thriving!

Painted on the side of the Ecological School

In order to never forget what happened here
(and, in the form of leftover unexploded ordnance, is still happening)
Making music on the street
Blowing kisses

'Are you with me? C'mon!'
A yearly pleasure all lit up
Just because
Every winter we grow a new crop of sailboats in the bay
One night before Christmas, one night before the full moon. May your literal and metaphysical stockings be hung by the palm tree with care, to bring you joy in the morning, whether you are celebrating the birth of Jesus or celebrating because you have another day to wake up to, filled with wonder, amazement and miracles.

Have a take it to the roof tops Thursday! Do something transformational.

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