Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ The Assortment Box

As the tiny house movement has grown, shifted and even expanded into including the 'small house' category, I keep being drawn back to some small and tiny homes posted here before. Of course, what is liked in any sort of architecture is definitely subjective. These just happen to be a few of my favorites.

This has nothing to do with tiny homes, I just wanted to share it.
Tamarindo rocks (both ways).
There are a few commonalities between the first two. They were both rescued and rehabbed. They are both in view of big water. And, while the description of simple is very different in each, they both have an open simplicity that appeals strongly. 

The first, in Uruguay, was in bad shape, but drew the present owner so much that he pursued finding the owners for over two years. When he finally found them, they gave him the house, with one caveat, that he would continue to employ the present caretaker. Passion is a beautiful thing. There is a more complete telling of the story here. If you don't read Spanish, use a translator, it won't be exact but good enough for comprehension.

The third, in Washington, was built as and where it is, edging a 250 acre park with paths down to the beach. It is not tiny, at maybe 400+ square feet, but qualifies as small, and brilliant! 

The fourth, in Texas, is...well, let it speak for itself. It's a proud Victorian voice. 

Yep, it's simple

A railiing, perhaps?

As noted when I posted this before, I'd change the ladder approach

Not a bad way to wake up
Moving a few (thousand) miles away, we'll head to Nova Scotia. You can read the whole story here.

Here is how it's done in Point Roberts, Washington. This falls, again, into the small, not tiny home category. It's also a rental (and for 99.00 a night, a good one on lots of scores!). 

Porch with outdoor heater. I give that a 10.

Lots of light AND a fireplace? Oh yeah!

Yes, you can stand up in here!

Definitely my favorite stairs so far.
Not enough kitchen space for living full time, in my opinion .
I'd have the kitchen table be a butcher block counter with seating.
And now, to Texas! All of the homes this man builds are from recycled materials. He's got a pretty intense philosophy about home building, you can read more about this home and about his projects here. The photos are by Doug Gaidry III Digital Imaging.

At 12 x 26 feet, it's tiny

But does this seem tiny?

A little finagling with the stair/ladder and it might be easier

What's not to love?
There is a lot more detail and information on this particular home here.

And that is your tiny home box of chocolates for today. You can poke around and see which appeals to you most; no one will say a thing.

Have a trending Tuesday. Do something tinily tremendous.

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