Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mellow Melones

When I was on the corner with the Island Woman cart, I often got asked by tourists 'What is your favorite beach here?' I never really had a good answer then and I still don't. The closest I could get was something like 'it depends on my mood and the weather, all the beaches here are different and all have their own feel.' 

Melones is just one of the special ones, with its dual beaches, both completely different from each other, even though they are only yards apart. The sea urchins (I wear whatever is on my feet into the water; black spikes in my feet hold no appeal) are easily overbalanced by soft warm water, a thousand shades of blue, flowers and roosters, the views of Luis Pena, good snorkeling, and a vibe of home town. 

Right now these brilliant vines are blooming like mad.

Butterflys and bees

Coral or a petrified shell?

Earth swimming through flowers - I see you!
As the ferry comes in or out, gentle water gets wavy, the big metal butterfly effect in action. But deep thoughts drift to floating. It's easy. It's ease.

Have a salty Saturday. Do something simple.


  1. mmmm i miss Melones, thanks for this MJ

  2. We love Melones, despite the sea urchins. We have found it has the best snorkeling on the island. We are divers and Melones rivals what we see at dive sites!! Plus we love the chickens that visit us there too. LOL

    1. It's definitely got the 'special' going on!!