Friday, December 11, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ Sandwiching Culebra

I go through sandwich phases, as in, sometimes I don't eat a sandwich for months, or maybe a year or more, and then it seems like I'm eating them almost daily. I think I got back into them driving the Turtle around. She has a great little propane stove/oven but sandwiches are easy, for the most part, and clean-up is minimal compared to most meals. If it works, it works.

Free Ranging starts here.

I admit, I have a thing about dishware. If the ability is there to use a plate that looks good with a food, I'm in. In another life, I had way too many dishes. Sets of dishes, randomly discovered dishes, but all used, all the time. Now, I keep it simple, but I still read about dishware and yesterday I read about a kind of Japanese pottery that I'd never heard about called oribe. It is crude and modern and earthy and some of it is just really odd. I love it. And that's, possibly, your 'I didn't know that' for today. If you do know about it, why didn't you tell me?

Late Edo era kozara (small plate) shows a combination
of patterns, a classic oribe design technique.

The above is taken from the Savory Japan website. If you like history, dishware, recipes and more pertaining to things Japanese, you'll really enjoy this site.
 Oh yeah, the sandwich! Nothing Japanese here.

I had already eaten one corner of the sandwich when I realized, hey! I made something good and tomorrow is Friday and take the picture! I took about five and truthfully, nothing could make this sandwich look pretty. It was delicious and looked pretty as only a creator's creation can, it ain't pretty. Here's what is in it though, if you want to try it.

7 grain bread
Fried egg
Avocado - this is one of those giant avocados from Milka's. I had to buy one, even while Norman and I debated whether it would be buttery or watery. It was buttery. It is also half as big as a football. I bought mine hard as a rock, if you do the same in two days be ready to use it because it ripens FAST. I know some will go to waste but it was worth it just for this sandwich.

Havarti cheese slices (from the veggie guy) - it's always worth checking out the cooler behind the check out stand, sometimes there are some really good cheeses in there. Right now there is a block of Amish butter. Yes, I loved being where I could leave the butter on the counter and it would be fine. A friend used to do that here and it worked. I tried it and had a buttery mess. I don't get it.

Bacon - I put the cheese on first, then the bacon to get it all melty while putting the rest of it together 

Of course, all of that is optional and interchangeable, but combined I didn't even miss mayonnaise like some would miss mustard. Now you know why it looked so messy. It was messy. It was also delicious and the meal of the day. 

To walk off that big sandwich, I go mental sailing
Have a filling Friday. Do something frivolous.


  1. Please, make BACON the first ingredient, crap, I'm hungry now, that is all...

  2. Replies
    1. Yep! I'm not much of a calorie watcher and it shows!